The possibilities of remote learning are greater than ever, with new technologies and teaching methods making it possible for a variety of people to learn from afar. Still, this approach presents numerous challenges that may make it less than desirable for some people.

The difficulties of online learning are especially evident when seeking training for CPR. While virtual classes are helpful for providing basic information on lifesaving techniques, this knowledge is often best cemented through active, in-person learning.

Remote CPR classes lack some of the advantages of traditional in-person courses, but they still hold a few notable benefits worth considering. In select situations, digital offerings are worth pursuing — but we believe that in-person classes are nearly always best for developing much-needed CPR skills. We highlight both the opportunities and drawbacks of today's virtual courses below:

The Power of In-Person Instruction

In-person CPR instruction is designed to make participants feel fully prepared for a variety of emergency scenarios. Through the use of strategically designed equipment, they learn exactly how much force is required during chest compressions. This helps to prevent a common problem: shallow compressions that fail to produce the response needed in emergency situations. In-person courses also are better for addressing options such as two-rescuer CPR.

When Remote Classes Can Help

In some situations, in-person instruction may not be realistic for some people. Meanwhile, CPR remains a critical skill. You never know when an emergency situation might arise, so the sooner you obtain instruction of some kind, the better. If online classes are available and you cannot attend a physical class, you'll certainly benefit from virtual instruction. Later, however, it will be worth your while to refresh your skills with a conventional, in-person CPR class.

Online options are also great for saving time when skills checks are required. Those who have already attended traditional classes may benefit from a digital refresher that will help them recall much of the practical experience gained through previous classroom sessions.

Whether you're interested in taking an online CPR class or prefer in-person instruction, we're here to help. Sign up for a class today here- or call us at 781-854-8015.