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Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms such as hepatitis B or Hepatitis B that can cause disease if found in human blood. When dealing with needles or other sharp objects it is important to be able to prevent the exposer of these pathogens. Typically, these trainings are required for professions such as a tattoo artist, nurse, first responder, phlebotomist, and many other healthcare jobs.

At CPR of America, we are proud to offer Bloodborne pathogen training in Massachusetts at your location or one of our locations (Boston, Walpole, or Worcester). We follow the guidelines of OSHA BBP to provide you with training that is informative, interactive, and accurate.

In our courses we review the following materials.

·        What are bloodborne pathogens?

·        How do they spread?

·        How to protect yourself from infection (PPE, sharps containers, etc)

·        What to do if you are infected.

·        The Use/importance of PPE

·        How to respond if an exposure occur

·        How to clean up blood spills

·        Risks of caring for people where you may be exposed to BBP