CPR for Healthcare Providers-In a medical emergency as a healthcare provider, you will be counted on to save a life.

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A question that we frequently receive is “what class should I take if I am a healthcare provider such as a nurse EMT, or Paramedic?” For these occupations you will be required to take the BLS or Basic Life support course for healthcare providers. This course will give you the ability to adequately react in a medical emergency where every second counts. Knowing how to perform high quality CPR can be the difference between life and death.

At CPR of America we provide high quality American Heart Association Courses in Boston, Norwood, and Worcester. After successful completion of the course students will be emailed a two year American Heart Association BLS certificate.

In the course we cover topics such as

·        Delivering chest compressions on an adult, infant, and child

·        Use of an AED and the importance of an AED

·        Two rescuer CPR with a Bag Mask Device

·        The EC technique for the Bag Mask Device

·        Performing abdominal thrusts on a responsive choking victim

·        Much More!