CPR Training Requirements for Girl Scouts and

Boy Scouts Leaders

If you’re thinking of serving as a Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts leader, good for
you. The world needs more adults who are willing to step up and help teach
our children. As you prepare yourself to take on this role, you may want to
consider signing up for a qualified CPR course. That’s because both
organizations strongly recommend, and in some cases require, that their
leaders be certified.
CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a technique that can save the
lives of those experiencing cardiac arrest. It involves chest compression
and—in certain instances—mouth-to-mouth breathing. According to the
American Heart Association, CPR can increase a person’s odds of surviving a
cardiac arrest by up to three times, one reason why it’s such an important
skill for everyone, but especially youth leaders, to master.
Of course, you can become a leader without this training. The Girl Scouts of
the USA (GSUSA), for example, doesn’t require leaders to know CPR.
However, the organization requires that at least one adult be CPR certified
at each meeting or event. In essence, that means leaders need certification
if they’re going to maintain a troop effectively.
Likewise, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) does not specifically require its
leaders to be CPR certified, but it strongly encourages it. In addition, the
training is a requirement for advancement to certain leadership positions,
and many higher-level training modules, such as the Wilderness First Aid
program, require knowledge of CPR as a foundation.
The good news is, first aid and CPR training are widely available in most
communities through organizations like the American Heart Association. The
AHA even offers a searchable database of all its training sites, so it’s easy to
find one in your neighborhood.

One final note: If you’re ready to learn this invaluable skill, make sure to sign
up for a course that includes hands-on training. These courses better
prepare you to actually practice CPR, and neither the BSA nor the GSUSA
allows online-only certification. To learn more about our CPR services,
call CPR of America today at (781) 854-8015.