Massachusetts is home to many youth athletic organizations, and in this state it is required for coaches to be CPR certified. Even though little league has significantly lower chances of big collisions, cardiac emergencies can still occur. These emergencies can happen at practice or during a game and it is vital for coaches to be prepared. It is not unheard of for youth athletes to collapse after taking a hard hit to the chest. You should not count on someone else near by to be prepared for a medical emergency, people will look to the coaches to be prepared and take action in the situation. At American Medical we can teach you the skills to be prepared for one of these situations.

  A youth coach is required to have CPR/AED training and through one of our classes you will learn what to do in scenarios with adults and children. A single session class is able to ensure that you are prepared to deal with a medical emergency to the best of your ability. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had this to say about CPR when asked about his views on CPR training “ Being able to deliver care in emergency situations is not just important at sporting events, but in all walks of life.” After receiving a certificate from us, not only are you ready while coaching your teams but you also are more prepared for any surprises life may throw at you.

At American Medical Solutions we offer classes that will better prepare you as a coach for cardiac emergencies. Parents and athletes trust you with their safety and it is crucial to stay on top of your certifications. Even when emergency situations seem unlikely you never know if a young athlete has unknown conditions or previous heart issues. This is why it is important for all youth coaches regardless of sport to have proper CPR/ AED training.