CPR Requirements for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine

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COVID-19 has permanently changed the way we interact with others and has caused families immense suffering throughout our nation. In just one year it has caused our country to mourn the lost of 443,000 lives. This virus has transformed our society into a place that has normalized social distancing, travel restrictions, and wearing a mask. Remarkably there has been a massive breakthrough in molecular biology, the COVID Vaccine. For healthcare providers who are distributing this vaccine a current unexpired BLS CPR certificate is required.

As a medical provider, you know that a medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest can happen anywhere even at a vaccination site. It is important that you know how to stay calm, while checking for responsiveness, asking for help, and feeling for the carotid pulse. After ensuring that the victim is in a cardiac arrest you need to act immediately by providing thirty compressions with two ventilation breaths. Knowing how to administer CPR and using an AED can be the difference between life or death. Even if you have taken a Basic Life Support Course in the past it is importance to refresh your hands-on skills.