Lifeguard Safety Requirements 

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Lifeguarding can be a rewarding job for the summer, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. As a lifeguard you are liable for the lives of everyone in or around the pool, their safety is in your hands. Making sure that everyone is following the rules and staying above the water is your main priority. As a lifeguard one of the most important concepts that you need to know is high quality CPR. When someone is not responding, it is important to react quickly to perform lifesaving CPR.

At CPR of America, we pride ourselves in offering high quality American Heart Association CPR and AED training to lifeguards across Massachusetts. CPR is the process of providing chest compressions and breaths to an unresponsive victim. This process works to provide blood flow to the brain and heart.

In our CPR and AED course for lifeguards we review the following topics

·        Proper hand positioning, depth, and rate for the chest compressions

·        Delivering ventilations using a pocket mask or mouth to mouth breaths

·        What is an AED? What are the steps needed to deliver a shock

·        Performing abdominal thrusts on a responsive choking victim

·        The American Heart Association’s Scene Safety and Assessment Guidelines

·        And Much More!