What CPR Training is required for EMTs and First Responders in Massachusetts? 

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As a first responder or EMT you are the first to the scene in a motor vehicle accident, heart attack, shooting, or fire. The job can be physically and mentally exhausting, but your job has a purpose; to save a life. In times of a medical emergency, it is important that you know how to identify cardiac arrest or heart attack and react promptly. Each second could mean life or death for your patient.  

At CPR of America our team of former EMTs, Paramedics, and First responders are proud to offer American Heart Association BLS, CPR, and ACLS training. Our training will equip you to deliver high-quality chest compressions, use an AED, and deliver the heimlich maneuver. Each of our instructors prides themselves on making sure that each student is prepared for an emergency. We provide a comfortable environment where students are encouraged to ask questions about the material provided.

Typically for EMTs and First Responders you are required to take the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support or BLS course. After successful completion of the course students will receive an American Heart Association BLS certificate that is valid for two years. This card will be emailed to students right after the course!