CPR for High School students

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As a high school student, you have a lot of responsibility; some of you are students, athletes, or musicians. You also have the responsibility to help others who are in need, especially in a medical emergency. In each of these environments you are surrounded by hundreds of people including your fellow peers, instructors, and referees. If a cardiac arrest occurred, would you know how to deliver chest compressions, use an AED, or give ventilations?

CPR of America is proud to offer high quality CPR and AED training to students throughout Massachusetts. Each week our Boston, Norwood, and Worcester locations offer several CPR and AED courses. For groups of seven or more people, we also can conduct the course at your location. With this option we bring all the equipment to your location and teach the course at your facility.

In the CPR and AED course we cover the following topics

·        What is DNR and how do we know if someone is DNR?

·        Providing chest compressions to a victim

·        The difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest

·        What is an AED and how do you operate an AED?

·        Providing ventilations with a pocket mask

·        Delegating team roles in a medical emergency

·        Using the heimlich maneuver for a responsive choking victim

·        Much More!