First Aid Requirements for Bus Drivers in Massachusetts

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As a bus driver you are much more than just a means of transportation, you responsible for the health and safety of the children on your bus. You are entrusted with this responsibility from the moment a child steps onto your bus until they leave. That is why learning how to administer basic first aid, CPR, and using an epinephrine auto injector could save a child’s life.

In the state of Massachusetts to qualify for a school bus driver certificate you are required to have a basic first aid certificate that also included training in how to use an epinephrine auto injector. At CPR of America, we teach high quality American Heart Association and Red Cross First Aid courses to school bus drivers throughout Massachusetts.

In the First Aid Courses we cover the following

·        Using an Epinephrine (epi-pen) to deliver medication to a victim

·        Stopping bleeding using gauze and in severe cases a tourniquet

·        Using an AED (automated external defibrillator) during a cardiac arrest

·        The different between using an AED on an adult, child, or infant

·        Heimlich maneuver to relieve an airway obstruction

·        Properly removing and putting on protective gear such as gloves

·        Much more!!