All ACLS and BLS CPR Classes are still being held.
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CPR training for Dental Offices and Students

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Would you know how to perform CPR in your dental office? Without the proper CPR and AED training a cardiac arrest could be fatal for the victim, each minute without CPR the chance of survival drops by 7-10 percent. CPR of America has provided American Heart Association BLS training thousands of dental employees, dental students, hygienists, and dental administrators.  Our goal has always been to empower students with the confidence and equip them with the hands-on skills to save a life.

In our BLS training we make sure that each student is proficient in some of the following skills

·        Delivering High Quality Chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute

·        Knowing the American Heart Association’s chain of survival

·        Using an AED to deliver an electric shock which can reverse electrical arrhythmia’s

·        Giving ventilations with a Bag Mask Device

·        Working effectively in a two-rescuer team (one person on the compressions and another person on the bag mask device)

·        Learning about the American Heart Association’s six team roles

·        How to delegate roles in a medical emergency

·        Performing the heimlich maneuver on a response choking victim

·        Modifications performed to an unresponsive choking victim


A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at a moments notice, but its impacts can last for a lifetime. Make sure that you know how to react in a medical emergency.

To learn more about any of the CPR services we provide, including upcoming classes and onsite training for staff or groups, get in touch by calling 781-854-8015 or contact the CPR of America location closest to you. "CPR Classes Near Me"

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