CPR for Prison Guards

To get more information about our training or to schedule an upcoming course at your facility please contact us directly at 781-854-8015. Thank you. 

Working in a prison requires a person with patience, compassion, and strong commitment to their job responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities is the safety of the inmates in the facility, their lives are in your hands. Once of the most important skills that you can have is the power to save a life by delivering CPR and using an AED.  Unfortunately, cardiac arrests happen far too often, each year in the United States there are over 475,000 fatalities from cardiac arrest. During a cardiac arrest or heart attack every second counts, by providing high quality CPR you can double or triple a victims chance of survival.

At CPR of America we pride ourselves in offering high quality American Heart Association training to prison employees across Massachusetts. Our programs empower staff with the skills to perform the heimlich maneuver in the cafeteria to relieve an obstructed object, delivering CPR, or use an AED during a cardiac arrest. Our group of former Nurses, EMTs, and paramedics will work with your staff to make sure that they are confident to save a life.

In this course we will follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association, who are the premier source for cardiovascular research.

Our CPR and AED course includes the following

·        How to deliver chest compressions on an Adult, Child, and Infant

·        Delivering mouth to mouth breaths

·        Using a barrier device such as a pocket mask to perform ventilations

·        How to use an AED to deliver a shock on an infant, child, and adult

·        Performing the heimlich maneuver on an adult, child, or infant

·        Much more