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Great class!

- Marcella Spinuso
Brighton, MA - Jul 12, 2020

I recently took the American Heart Association’s CPR /ACLS test out in Boston and had an excellent experience. The coordinator was on top of everything making confirmation of course and any communication seamless. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable of course content making it a relaxed and fun environment. I highly recommend taking this course.

- Marnie Crowley
Cambridge, MA - Mar 12, 2019

My experience was great. I had to get BLS for healthcare provider done over the weekend. I found them on American Heart Association Website. I reached out to them and Jonathan got me into a class right away. I was able to get it done on time. They have flexible schedule which helps out a lot if you are busy throughout the week. Overall, it was a great learning environment. Highly Recommended

- Vikas Banga
Boston, MA - Mar 12, 2019

I enjoyed my CPR class! I learned so much and was able to practice basic CPR skills that will help me effectively keep some one viable during cardiac arrest or during an air way obstruction. My instructor made every interesting and keep me engaged. Overall I recomend the class because it is every accommodating and enjoyable. Plus it was quick and easy, in and out while having all the tools you need to perform CPR if need.

- Malena
Rochester, NY - Nov 21, 2018

My experience was quick, seamless, and to the point. Allowed time for practice and collaboration with other members of the group. As a health care provider who has been CPR certified for years, I would highly recommend!

- Danielle Schram
Boston, MA - Oct 24, 2018
Loved my class. It was a very small class which was a great learning environment. I had a hard time finding a class until I found them. They offer so many class times that will fit anyone’s schedule. Highly recommend!!
- Meghan Fontaine
Boston, MA - Oct 20, 2018

Took this class and it was excellent. The material was well presented and interesting. The instructors were very knowledgeable and made everyone comfortable. I came away with a solid level of comfort in knowing what to do in a potential life saving incident.

- Dana Cross
New York, NY - Oct 19, 2018

I really loved my experience taking a CPR certification class here. We thoroughly reviewed all necessary concepts, saw demonstrations, and practiced hands on. Our instructor Danny took his time to get to know us and teach to our level. I would absolutely take CPR from them again!

- Rachel Farnsworth
New York, NY - Oct 17, 2018

Great BLS class! The instructor was very knowledgeable and the class was very educational and comprehensive. The students were working as team members as first responders and health care workers performing CPR on mannequins. The mannequins were great as they were providing an immidiate feedback on how effective the compressions are! If the rate and the depth of compressions were appropriate to the guidelines, two green dots would appear on the mannequin’s shoulder. I would highly recommend this class!

- Evelina Davtyan
Boston, MA - Oct 13, 2018

Great class Would recommend it for any healthcare provider in need of a BLS certificate. Our instructor Jonathan provided each student with the oportunity to practice their skills in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I was delighted that the manikins had rate monitors to simulate the proper depth and speed of compressions. That was a feature that I had never seen before and drastically improved my technique. Also, I was delighted to have received my AHA certificate in 36 hours, which was a relief since my BLS card was expiring in a few days.

- Charles Lacey
Boston, MA - Sep 27, 2018

I'm a new registered nurse, and am still on the hunt for a job. I needed a BLS class because mine expired! It would be ideal if I had already found a job where the hospital would pay for my BLS, but this was my situation.

Jonathan was a great instructor. Because this is my fifth CPR class (my third BLS), I was rolling my eyes about having to go through the skills yet again. Jonathan was efficient in teaching the skills and testing us all within 45 minutes. Taking the rest of the class through online modules was so convenient. I highly recommend this class for anyone, but especially for those who are taking CPR for the third or fourth time.

- Pearl Choi
Boston, MA - Sep 22, 2018

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