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More and more state governments are recognizing the value of teaching CPR to young people. In fact, 38 states have now passed laws implementing mandatory CPR training in schools as a requisite for high school graduation.  CPR of America is proud to offer American Heart Association CPR training for schools throughout New York and New England, so educators and students alike can be well-versed in vital lifesaving techniques.

Importance of CPR Training for Students

Training students in CPR affords a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Training more people, young or old, means more lives saved. With more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occurring outside of the hospital each year, the more people are trained in CPR, the better these victims’ chances of survival.
  • Students trained in lifesaving techniques are more likely to take action. If a student or faculty member suffers cardiac arrest, the quick action of a CPR-trained student can save them.
  • Students trained early in CPR are more likely to continue training as adults. Again, a population trained in lifesaving techniques means cardiac arrest victims have a better chance for survival.

What We Offer

CPR of America offers one of two approaches to CPR training for schools:

  • Training for school faculty, staff and administrators. We provide a comprehensive training program for school educators that not only equips them to administer CPR, but prepares them to pass those skills on to their students.
  • Training for students. We can coordinate with individual schools to provide onsite CPR training classes for the students, or offsite at any of our locations.

As our population continues to age, and as the rate of cardiac arrest even among the young continues to increase, CPR training is needed now more than ever. To learn more about how CPR of America can provide this critical training for your school, contact us today. CPR of America has locations in Boston, Cambridge, Norwood, so we can reach any school location in the greater Boston Area! 

To learn more about any of the CPR services we provide, including upcoming classes and onsite training for staff or groups, get in touch by calling 781-854-8015 or contact the CPR of America location closest to you. "CPR Classes Near Me"

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