All ACLS and BLS CPR Classes are still being held.
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For groups under 5 people here is our list of upcoming public courses-

For medical students of all types, having effective training in lifesaving skills is non-negotiable. At CPR of America, our New York and New England CPR certification courses ensure medical students are well-versed in the latest CPR techniques so they know exactly how to administer help to patients when lives hang in the balance and seconds count. CPR classes are held in the Greater Boston area at convenient locations. We offer CPR classes in Cambridge, MA as well. 

Up-to-Date Training

Just as other healthcare protocols and treatments change and evolve with the latest research and medical advances, approved CPR techniques also change over time. Even if you have been previously certified, your CPR training may not be up to date. CPR of America continually adjusts our training programs to include the latest techniques so medical students know they are getting the most current information on CPR best practices.

What We Offer

We currently provide up-to-date training for medical students in all of the following skills:

  • CPR (one-person and two-person techniques)
  • AED usage
  • Training with ventilations (including bag valve mask)
  • Choking (for both conscious and unconscious victims)

Refreshers Between Certifications

Not only can approved CPR techniques change over time, if a healthcare provider doesn’t use CPR in his/her everyday work, those skills can easily become rusty—and the same goes for medical students. For this reason, we offer refresher courses to enable students to brush up on their CPR skills periodically between certifications.

If you are a medical student in Massachusetts in need of CPR certification training, CPR of America offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date training by highly experienced trainers. To learn more, contact us today

To learn more about any of the CPR services we provide, including upcoming classes and onsite training for staff or groups, get in touch by calling 781-854-8015 or contact the CPR of America location closest to you. "CPR Classes Near Me"

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