American Heart Association ACLS Course for Healthcare Provider in Boston

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In a medical emergency every second counts, that is why it is critical to know how to appropriately treat cardiovascular event. These courses are vital for healthcare professionals such as medical doctors, emergency room nurses, paramedics, and nurse practitioners. By taking an American Heart Association ACLS class you will have the cognitive knowledge and hands-on skills to save a life in an emergency.

Advanced cardiovascular life support builds on the concepts of BLS while incorporating airway management, bradycardia or tachycardia recognition, and the administration of cardiac drugs. At CPR of America, we know that the ACLS course can seem intimidating and that is why instructors work individually with each student.

In the ACLS course we will cover the following topics

·        Identifying different algorithms such as VF, VT, sinus bradycardia

·        Learning the 5 Hs and Ts and being able to potentially reverse them in an emergency.

·        When to use cardiac drugs such as epinephrine, atropine, etc.

·        How to recognize a stroke and mange it in an emergency.

·        Airway management- intubation with a NPA or OPA

·        A short American Heart Association BLS review to refresh topics on chest compressions, AED use, and ventilations

·        Much more!