Taking an American Heart Association ACLS course online

Typically, occupations such as a physician, physician assistant, emergency room nurse, or paramedic require an ACLS certificate. These courses can be long, tiring, and frequently are at inconvenient times or locations. At CPR of America, we are proud to offer a hybrid American Heart Association ACLS option for healthcare providers. In our ACLS hybrid option students will be required to take the 5 hour American Heart Association HeartCode ACLS online portion and then come in for a 1 hour hands on training.

Our Boston, Massachusetts location offers the one-hour hands on portion two days a week on Saturdays at 1pm-2pm and Sundays 1pm-2pm. In this course your instructor will cover some of the materials covered in the ACLS HeartCode portion and test your knowledge.

In the ACLS skills course we will cover topics such as

·        Airway Management such as intubating a victim with an OPA or NPA

·        A short BLS refresher

·        Team dynamics in a code- open loop communication vs. closed loop communication

·        A mega code where students will have to identify an EKG strip and list the steps a rescuer would use in a medical emergency.