Infant CPR classes for expecting or new parents in Massachusetts 

Learning CPR is critical for new and expecting parents, it could potentially save your child’s life. During a cardiac arrest without CPR a victim’s chance of survival decreases by 10-15% for each minute. If you child were in a cardiac arrest or choking would you know what to do? As a mother or father the safety of your child is paramount, make sure that you know how to react in a life threating medical emergency.


By taking our American Heart Association First Aid and CPR course you will have the skills to

·        Assess the victim for responsiveness, check for a pulse, and building a team

·        Reacting swiftly is by administering high quality chest compressions

·        Give respirations using a pocket mask or mouth to mouth breaths

·        Delivering an electrical shock with an AED to reverse life threating arrhythmias

·        Relive a choking infant by providing the Helmick maneuver


As one of Massachusetts largest emergency response training providers, CPR of America we pride ourselves in giving others the confidence to react in a medical emergency. Our staff consists of experienced first responders who pride themselves in teaching others to save a life. Your instructor will work one on one with you providing constructive feedback on your hands-on skills throughout the class. At the end of the course we guaranteed that you will have the confidence and skills to react in a medical emergency. Learn to Save a life today with CPR of America!

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