CPR requirements for Patient Care Attendants and Patient Observers 

To register for an upcoming American Heart Association CPR course please contact us directly at 781-854-8015.. Our representatives can answer all of your questions and register you for an upcoming course. 


Being a Patient Care Attendant is a career that requires patience, commitment, and most importantly benevolence. PCAs or Patient Care Attendants are tasked with monitoring a patient, bathing them, taking vital signs, and much more. Essentially you are an assistant to a nurse or doctor in a hospital setting. One of the most important skills that you can have as a Patient Care Attendant is learning high quality American Heart Association BLS CPR training. 


At CPR of America we have worked with hundreds of Patient Care Attendants throughout Massachusetts. Our goal is to make sure that each person in the course is able to be able to perform CPR in an actual medical emergency. As a Patient Care Attendant you will be required to take the American Heart Association BLS training, which is a 3 hour course offered weekly at our Boston, Norwood, and Worcester locations. In this course we will review the following topics- how to deliver chest compressions, the steps to using an AED, the proper form when giving ventilations with a bag mask device, two rescuer CPR, team dynamics, the heimlich maneuver, and much more.