At a moment's notice someone's life can change forever and not knowing how to react in a medical emergency could be fatal. Inside of a restaurant there are several common emergencies that could happen such as a severe airway blockage or a cardiac arrest. Both of these emergencies can be catastrophic without proper intervention. Would your staff know how to react in a medical emergency? Would they be able to save a restaurant guest? Make sure that your restaurant staff knows how to quickly react in a medical emergency to save a life. 

CPR of America is an American Heart Association training site that prides itself in training others to save a life. We have trained hundreds of restaurant staff in Massachusetts about the importance of  quality CPR which includes chest compressions, using an AED, and delivering the heimlich maneuver to a choking victim. At CPR of America we make sure at the end of the course each student is confident to proficiently perform these skills individually or in a team dynamic. 

Learning these life saving skills are not only vital, they are also mandated in Massachusetts where restaurants with a seating capacity of 25 or more people need to have at least one employee per shift certified in the Heimlich Maneuver. This law comes from the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 111 Section 31, and Chapter 94, Section 305D. Make sure that your restaurant is prepared, call CPR of America today at 781-854-8015 for the guaranteed lowest quote today.