CPR Classes for speech-language pathologists

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Being a speech-language pathologists requires you to work directly with children and adults. You are by their side the whole time and are consistently encouraging others through nonverbal and verbal communication. You are a master at communicating, but would you know how to react in a medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest or heart attack. These instances occur far too often, according to the CDC in 2015 there were 357,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests. Would you know what to do if one of your clients needed help?

As a speech-language pathologists it is not only vital to learn CPR, but it typically a requirement for your job. Speech-language pathologists are required to take the American Heart Association BLS course for healthcare providers. In this course you will obtain the knowledge, confidence, and hands-on skills to save a life. Our staff of healthcare providers will work individually with you to improve your hands on and cognitive skills.

In the American Heart Association BLS course we cover the following topics

·        The American Heart Associations Scene Safety and Assessment guidelines

·        How to identify victims who are DNR or Do not resuscitate

·        How to properly deliver chest compressions on an Adult, infant, or child

·        What is a Bag Mask or Ambu bag

·        The American Heart Associations 6 team roles

·        Two rescuer CPR

·        Much More!