CPR for camp counselors and summer camps 

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A summer job as a Camp Counselor can be a fulfilling, challenging, and finically rewarding. In a medical emergency you are looked upon to protect your campers and potentially save their life in a medical emergency. Every second counts, that is why it is critical to have the confidence to perform CPR or use an AED.

CPR of America is proud to offer First Aid, CPR, and AED training to summer camps in all 50 states. Our group of experienced RNs, Paramedics, and EMTs pride themselves in teaching engaging CPR courses. After the course we make sure that you will have the skills and confidence to perform in a medical emergency.

Some topics that are included in the First Aid and CPR course include

In our First Aid, CPR and AED course we will go over the following materials

·        Chest compressions for an adult, child, and infant.

·        Team Dynamics in a medical emergency

·        What is an AED? How does it deliver a shock?

·        What is a pocket Mask? What is the proper form?

·        Using the heimlich maneuver to dislodge a foreign object in adults, children, and infants

·        How to use an EpiPen to open a victims airways in their lung

·        Stopping bleeding by using bandaging techniques