First Aid Training in Boston 

While learning how to administer high quality CPR is critical in a medical emergency, sometimes it is not enough. Becoming certified in Basic First Aid training is critical for employees at a daycare, restaurant, security guards, or hotel. CPR of America’s American Heart Association First Aid equips students with the skills and confidence to save a life in a medical emergency.  CPR of America has provided hundred of students in the Boston, Waltham, Everett, and Burlington areas with high quality First Aid and CPR training.

The First Aid course will give students the ability to work one on one with a certified American Heart Association instructor. Our instructors will work with students to demonstrate the proper technique, institute a comfortable teaching environment, answer any questions, and most importantly instill confidence in each student.

At the beginning of the course, we begin with the foundation of CPR; high quality chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute at a depth of 2-2.4 inches. Our manikins have a rate monitor built into them that will give real time feedback for the rate and depth of chest compressions. Building onto that we will next review the pocket mask, which is a one way barrier that goes over the mouth and nose of the victim. After that we will combine all the modules into one cohesive emergency response where students will check for responsiveness, calling for help, identifying a victim that is in cardiac arrest, initiate chest compressions, and deliver breaths with a pocket mask.

For the First Aid section of the course, we will demonstrate how to recognize and treat an anaphylactic reaction with an EpiPen. Each student will be able to use an actual EpiPen (needle removed) to deliver epinephrine to their partner. Another topic that we will cover is bandaging a victim to stop excess bleeding using a sterile bandage and cloth. Finally, we will review how to use an AED to deliver a shock that hopefully regulate a victim’s arrhythmias. The instructor will demonstrate the steps to use an AED and then will allow each student to practice on their own manikin. 

As an American Heart Association Training Site CPR of America prides itself of teaching engaging First Aid courses in the Boston area. This is made possible through our amazing group of RNs, EMT, and Paramedics who teach our courses. All of our onsite CPR and First Aid courses are typically 40 to 50 percent off for new clients. We guaranteed  that you will not find a lower rate, if you do we will match it and give you an additional 10 percent off. Call 781-854-8015 today for a free quote.