Do I Need CPR Training for My Job?


You might think you will never use it, but the reality is nearly 475,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year, and over 350,000 of those instances occur outside of a hospital. This is why many employers outside of the medical field are now requiring CPR certification for their employees.


Construction Workers


Construction workers are required to be well acquainted with first aid protocols for handling onsite injuries; this includes basic CPR and automated external defibrillator techniques (AED). In-person coursework and drills must be completed every two years.


Child Care Providers


Adult CPR is very different from infant and child CPR, and knowing the differences is key to saving their lives. Generally, to open or work at a childcare facility, all providers must have basic first aid and CPR certification, as well as a special pediatric First Aid certification. These certifications can be completed in-person or online but must be renewed every two years.


Athletic Trainers


Athletic trainers must complete several emergency care certifications, including Adult CPR, Pediatric CPR, proper AED use, second rescuer CPR, airway obstruction, and use of barrier devices. These classes must consist of an in-person test by a qualified instructor and be renewed every two years.




In the past, CPR training was not mandatory for teachers, but now more and more states require it. Typically, the teachers must take part in a certified CPR and First Aid course, including a test demonstration on a mannequin - online courses are not acceptable. Additionally, the teachers must then provide their employers with proof of passing, copies of which will be held with their personnel profiles.


Flight Attendant


On a flight, stewards and stewardesses are the only readily available personnel that can handle an emergency. Every 24 months, flight attendants must participate in a CPR certification program that provides instruction, including performance drills, in CPR and the proper use of AEDs. 


When someone around you goes into cardiac arrest, every minute that ticks by without CPR or an AED decreases their chance of survival. CPR certification is not only the required choice, but also the responsible one. To learn more about our CPR services, call CPR of America today at (781) 854-8015.