CPR requirements for nursing students

A typical question that we receive is what "CPR certificate do I need for nursing school?" This blog will discuss the CPR requirements for nursing schools in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. 

Are you currently enrolled in a nursing program or are considering becoming a nurse? Nursing is a fulfilling and a growing career path throughout the United States. Having a strong understanding of CPR is critical in the healthcare field, it can be the difference between life and death. Not only is an important skill to have, but it is also a requirement for nursing students.

CPR of America provides the American Heart Association BLS course for Healthcare Providers, will fulfill your nursing requirement while giving you the skills to react in a medical emergency. This course will give students the guidelines to identify a cardiac arrest and will equip them with the ability to address it in a hospital setting. During the course we will begin by with individual skills such as high quality chest compressions, the heimlich maneuver, using an AED, and using the bag mask device as a single rescuer. Once each student is proficient in those skills we will combine them to work on a two-rescuer and team dynamics scenarios. 

Once students successfully complete the course we will email you a two year BLS certificate from the American Heart Association. Sign up for a class today here- https://www.ahaclasses.com/events/bls-class or call us at 781-854-8015